Tiktok Shadow Banned Check

Tiktok Shadow Banned Check

infoinsaja.comTiktok Shadow Banned Check – Currently users of the Tiktok application are being disturbed by the emergence of Shadow Banned. What is Shadow Ban Tiktok? Shadow Ban is a temporary ban on publishing content on Tiktok accounts.

The purpose of the Shadow Ban is to restrict users who violate the rules of Tiktok policies that have been set. For those who violate the Tiktok policy, their Tiktok account will automatically be subject to Shadow Ban.

What are the Symptoms of a TikTok Account Affected by Shadow Banned Check?

Characteristics of a Tiktok Account affected by Shadow Ban :

The following are the characteristics of a Tiktok account that is experiencing Shadow Ban.

– Your Tiktok account or content is difficult for others to find

– Followers don’t increase

– There are no notifications, likes or comments on content on your Tiktok account

– Tiktok account name not showing in search

cause of shadow ban tiktok

What Causes Shadow Ban Check?

The causes of Shadow Ban on Tiktok are as follows :

There are many causes of Shadow ban on Tiktok. The following are examples of things that cause Shadow Ban on your Tiktok.

– Your video or content is marked as spam / reported as spam by others

– Your video or content violates the copyright / plagiarism of other people’s content

– Your video or content contains elements of SARA, vulgarity, violence

– Your video or content contains illegal content such as illegal drugs or narcotics, dangerous weapons and other illegal things.

How to fix Tiktok Ban Shadow?

– Delete your videos or content that violates Tiktok rules

– Clear cache in your Tiktok app

– You have to wait for the Shadow Ban of your Tiktok account to expire in about 3 days to 2 weeks

– It is not recommended to upload new videos on your Tiktok account during Shadow Ban Check

Shadow Ban on Tiktok is only temporary, depending on the violation you have on your Tiktok account. So be careful if you want to upload videos or content. It’s better to create your own content without plagiarizing other people’s content to avoid Shadow Ban.

The final word

Thus the explanation of the article about Tiktok Shadow Banned Check. Hopefully the explanation of this article can help you to overcome the Shadow Ban problem that you are experiencing. Thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com see you again in the next article.

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