TurboTel Pro Apk, Download Link and Functions Here

Download TurboTel Pro Apk – If you are looking for the TurboTel Pro Apk application, here Areatrik has prepared a link along with an explanation about the application..

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Applications are one of the important things that all device users must have in this all-electronic era, especially on smart phones.

Smart phones are very dependent on the applications that are in them to access the existing system on the device so that users can optimize their use and explore more deeply on the device.

In addition, the application is also useful for carrying out commands in the system of a device in a coordinated manner to do the work that the user wants.

Applications have many types and uses, including social media applications, communication, storage, and what you are looking for about Turbotel which I will give you the download link and its functions here

What is Turbotel Pro Apk?

is an unofficial chat or messaging communication application, which was developed by the ellipi Group developer using the Telegram API, Below are some of the features and functions of this Turbotel application:

TurboTel Pro Apk Download Link and Functions Here
TurboTel Pro Apk Download Link and Functions Here
  • Turbo User Interface.
  • Lots of settings for filters (tabs).
  • Sorting, Hiding, Shutting down accounts.
  • Special contact .
  • Displays contact changes.
  • Download manager.
  • Flag message .
  • Open the first message in a chat
  • Lock and Hide chats.
  • Delivery key.
  • Change the chat background one by one .
  • Forward messages without quoting .
  • Confirmation of delivery/forwarding of goods
  • Confirmation of making a telegram call
  • Edit and repost (Continue with pre-editing)
  • Painting option to send paint
  • Option to convert photos to stickers
  • Option to convert video to round video
  • Voice changer
  • Copy part of a text message
  • Support 10 accounts
  • Many storage settings
  • Get toast notifications for contact activity
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TurboTel Download Link

For download links, you can use some of the links below:

TurboTel v8.4.2 >>Click Here<<

Alternative Download Link >>Click Here<<

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For how to install or install an apk, here’s a quick way to install apk


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