Update Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 Apk Download Fouad WA Latest Version

Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 Apk- did you know the fouad wa application? We will provide a download link for the WhatsApp mod apk fouad WA heymods for free here.

Fouad Whatsap Apk 9.11 comes on all globally available platforms, Android, iOS, Windows as well as on most of the game consoles. It updates every day new amazing features.

It updated various features of Fouad Whatsap 9.11 Mod Apk a day ago such as animated stickers in sticker shop, QR code support to instantly add nearby WhatsApp contacts to your contact list, increased number of participants and features in Group video calling service, and many more

Fouad WA version 9.11 is almost the same as the WhatsApp application that we often use every day, so what is the latest Fouad WhatsApp v9.11?.

The Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 application is a whatsapp application that has gone through a sophisticated modification process, and has embedded several excellent features that are not easy for you to get on the original version of Whatsapp.

There are so many conveniences that you can get on WhatsApp, for your communication needs later. As we know, if the original wa only features features that are classified as incomplete.

To use the Fouad WA v9.11 application, you really need to have a rooted Android device.

Then, and continued by installing the Fouad WA application which can provide benefits to enjoy its very impressive features.

So many of the wa users are now switching to using whatsapp mod, one of the wa mods that is widely used is Fouad Whatsapp.

Just like the others, wa fouad version 9.11 also provides lots of mod features that can be used for free for you to use.

Fouad Whatsapp 9.11 Apk at a Glance

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

One of the popular chat applications that are widely used is WhatsApp. By using this application, there are many advantages that can be obtained and make it easier for you to communicate later.

Until now, WA is still the number one application that is widely used by users. However, despite its popularity, WhatsApp still has many shortcomings in it. Especially in terms of features and appearance.

Therefore, some users switch to using WhatsApp mod with the aim of getting more features. Wa indeed only provides a few features and is not complete.

Comparison of Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk 9.11 With WhatsApp Original

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

Indeed, there are many differences between these two WhatsApp applications, see the reviews.

WhatsApp Original Version Modified Fouad WhatsApp Version v9.11
Can only be used for one account Send a maximum of 10 photos in one time sending Status is typing and online can be seen by many people Deleted messages can not be seen Can not be given a password to chat with other people Voice note must hold the record button. Can use two accounts in one application Send photos up to 90 files in one send Can hide typing status and online WA stories in video format can be up to 7 minutes in one story Can view messages that have been deleted by the sender Messages can be passworded so that no one knows Has a shortcut key to record voice notes with just one click.

Excess Features of Fouad Whatsapp 9.11

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

WhatsApp mod is the best solution that can be used. Until now, there are lots of whatsapp mods that you can use and install for free through certain sites.

Of course, you can’t get this type of mod on Google play or the App Store.

And one of the WA Mods that you can try is Fouad WhatsApp 9.11, which is still trending and many people want to use it directly.

Therefore, to find out in more detail, you can listen to some of the explanations that we will share below.

Online Status

Fouad wa is also able to easily hide online status, so that other people don’t know if you are active.

Can Send Multiple Photos

Sending lots of photos will make business people who use WA accounts to connect with their relationships an effective communication.

When you use the original version of WhatsApp, you can only send 10 photo files in one send. Meanwhile, if you use a modified version like Fouad WA, you can send up to 90 photo files in one send.

Security Guard

Security features are provided for those of you who don’t like it when your chats or chats can be seen by other people.

In this modified application, a feature is provided that allows you to secure messages so that they cannot be read by others.

Anti Banned

And what’s even more interesting is that this mod application has been equipped with an anti-ban feature that can be used. Of course, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use this whatsapp mod, for the reason of being afraid of getting banned by the original WA party.

Can Hide Typing

You can also hide typing or typing, even though it looks trivial maybe some people want this feature to be invisible to others.

WA Story Video Length

In the official version of the rules, if you want to upload a WA story in the form of a video or .mp4 extension, the maximum time given is 30 seconds. So, if you want to send a video, for example 2 minutes, then you have to cut it into 4 parts.

Can Change Appearance

Another feature of Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 APK that you can get in WhatsApp mod is that it can change the appearance of WhatsApp to be more attractive than before. If we look at the original wa, it has a very monotonous and boring appearance.

Can Hide Typing Status

The typing status when replying to messages from people or friends will always be visible so you can use the hide typing feature in Fouad WhatsApp 9.11.

If you use this feature, it is perfect for those of you who don’t want to tell people what you are doing on WhatsApp.

Can Change Home Screen Display

Creating a home screen display or theme that has many choices will make the chat experience a pleasant one.

That way, customizing WhatsApp with multiple themes will feel very different from the original version.

For Fouad WhatsApp APK 9.11 it has more than 100 different collections of themes and will be updated to more.

Can be used for multiple accounts

One of the excellent features that will not be found in the original WhatsApp application is the multi-account feature. What this means is that you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one application and one device.

Anti Delete Message

The advantage that you can get is that you can see the contents of a friend’s message that was successfully sent to your wa even though the friend has deleted it. Of course, this feature is difficult to find in the original WA version.

Shortcut Features

The next excellent feature is the shortcut feature that can be used to help in chatting matters.

For example, you can use the voice note shortcut feature.

If on a regular application, you have to long press the voice note in order to record sound, in contrast to this modified application.

The trick is to just do one touch and you can make a voice recording for voice notes.

While recording voice notes, you can also do other work.

7 Minute Video Status

And another interesting thing that you can get in this WA mod is that you can upload video stories with a long duration of 7 minutes. Of course wa original does not provide this interesting feature.

Can Send Multiple Pictures

This Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 Apk makes it easy for users to be able to send photos of up to 90 images at once in one send. So you won’t be wasting time waiting for a long time.

Fouad WhatsApp v9.11 Apk Download Link Latest Version

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

For now, many people are looking for this whatsapp mod application and it is widely available for you to install for free, but here the admin has provided the link for you to download, see the review below.

Name : Fouad WhatsApp Latest Apk 9.11
Version : 9.11
App Size : 44.96 MB
Updates :-
Download Link : Here

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk 9.11

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

There are several steps that you must pass in order to use the application to its full potential, namely:

  • First, download the application via the link given above.
  • You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and make sure the download process is running.
  • Wait until the process is complete and the file is successfully saved on your device.
  • After that, open Settings / Settings on the smartphone.
  • Go to the Additional Settings menu Privacy and click on Unknown Sources which means you have activated the menu.
  • Then, if it is active, then you can enter the previously downloaded file storage, namely to the File Manager Download / Download folder Fouad WhatsApp application apk 9.11
  • Click the application file and a new screen will appear.
  • At the bottom right there will be an Install button, click it.
  • Later the installation process will appear and you have to wait until the installation process runs 100%.

If you have succeeded in confirming it, you can see the Fouad WhatsApp 9.11 application, is it available on your smartphone menu? If it already exists, then you just need to log in and use two accounts at once can also be done.

However, don’t forget to turn off unknown sources first in Settings Additional Settings Privacy Unknown Sources, click it until it’s grayed out. If the blue color changes to gray then you can be sure the menu is disabled.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Version 9.11 Safe to Use?

Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version
Download Fouad Whatsapp Mod 9.11 Latest Version

The third party who developed the modified Fouad WhatsApp v9.11 is certainly not an official developer and even looks for weaknesses in the original application and makes it easy for users.

This is something that the owner of the official application does not want because it is considered fraudulent and violates copyright. Therefore, you must be careful when using modified applications.

Indeed, most modified applications such as Fouad WA have been prepared to be anti-banned. However, who will know with monitoring from the official developer who can get banned at any time on accounts that violate the rules?

If you still want to use it, you can do a test first using a second account or not include your personal or official account.

When you get banned, you can use the official account earlier and return to the original version which is safer.

The final word

Thus the discussion of domainjava.com about fouad whatsapp 9.11, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who want to use it.

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