Upin Ipin’s Grave Real World Viral TikTok, Is There Really

Upin Ipin’s Grave in the Real World – because of that, continued @bang_alonk311, there is no film that tells the story of Upin and Ipin growing up because in fact they have died.

Suddenly, netizens on Twitter said they were surprised, they didn’t believe the new theory of the animated film Upin Ipin.

“WHAT AGAIN CONSPIRACY THEORY IS THIS. It turns out that UPIN IPIN is ONLY OPPA’s imagination,” said the warganet account @hallokayin

Upin and Ipin grave video viral tiktok
In a tiktok video, you can see two graves complete with tombstones bearing the names Upin and Ipin, the graves are small enough to look at for children. The two of them looked next to each other.
This surprised most of the viewers of the video that is currently viral on tiktok.

Ipin Upin’s grave viral

The video, which lasts a few seconds, has already been watched by tens of thousands of people.
The account that uploaded the video of Upin Ipin’s grave added the words “no wonder it’s never big, it turns out that the story is based on Opah’s imagination,” wrote @ in the video.

Social media is in an uproar with the circulation of videos allegedly of Upin and Ipin in the real world.

Ipin and upin graves in the real world

The video uploaded by the TikTok account @bang_along3110 has gone viral and has become the talk of netizens on Twitter.

In the video, a narrative is written that the story of Upin and Ipin, produced by Malaysia, is based on Opah’s fantasy 10 years ago.

Shocking Video of Upin Ipin’s Real World’s Grave Circulating on Social Media, Netizens Are Surprised: It turns out that…

Because, according to the narrative, Upin and Ipin in the real world have died.

Is it true that Ipin Upin’s grave is in the world Viral on Tiktok & Twitter

Upin and Ipin’s graves are going viral on TikTok and are making netizens excited.

Upin and Ipin’s real-world graves were widely circulated on TikTok recently and received various reactions from netizens.

One of the videos uploaded to the real world of Upin and Ipin’s graves is on a TikTok account named @bang_alonk3110 on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

The upload shows a tomb or grave named Upin and Ipin.

In the nisa, the date of birth of each of them is written, where Upin was born in 1995 and Ipin was born in 1996.

TikTok residents who found the uploaded video of Upin and Ipin’s graves gave various comments.

“After seeing the vt jini, I got goosebumps watching the animation of Upin and Ipin,” said an account named @bang_I.97.

“Behind the cartoons that always make us laugh, there is a deep sadness that opah hides,” continued another account named @callmevee133.

The videos uploaded so far have been watched up to 22.8 M and like 51.1 thousand times as well as thousands of other comments.***

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