VidNow Mod Apk 2022

VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk – Along with its development, this application is increasingly popular, because it can only be run on smartphone devices.

Currently, making money doesn’t have to just work directly in the field by exerting all your strength, considering that the times are increasingly advanced and have succeeded in bringing many changes from the very strong technological aspect.

How not only by lying down, you can already get real money in a way that is fairly instant.

VidNow Apk is a money-making application that is very easy, practical and flexible to use.

In the process itself, it is almost the same as the Snack Video application, which allows users to earn money just by watching short videos.

VidNow Mod Apk Discussion

VidNow Apk is an Android-based application that is believed to be able to make real money easily and quickly.

Later the application will provide payments that can be disbursed through various e-wallets including Gopay, DANA, OVO, or Bank.

This is certainly very different from other applications, where to get money users are required to first sell a number of coins, coupons, points, or other types.

Another advantage that VidNow Apk has and is quite interesting to use is that users do not only focus on collecting money.

However, every player can also relax watching various interesting and funny shows, which can make you laugh.

Just like other money-making apps, which require the user to complete several tasks or missions.

The tasks and missions that must be completed also vary, but it is guaranteed that it will not be boring and you will actually be entertained by it.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find this Apk on the Play Store, if you intend to download it, because all modified applications must be downloaded via a special link manually.

Well, in the following, we share a full review of the VidNow Mod Apk which can be listened to.

VidNow Mod Apk

1. VidNow Mod Apk Features

VidNow Mod Apk
VidNow Mod Apk Features

All modified applications are definitely equipped with various excellent features that will not be found in the official application, as well as VidNow Apk guys.

The excellent features of VidNow Mod Apk that you need to know are as follows:

  • Apk and features can be used for free.
  • All content can be watched without any time limit.
  • No Watch Time Limit
  • One tap only use
  • Format options can be customized
  • Has a simple appearance.
  • Free from bugs or errors when used.

2. How to Download and Install VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk
How to Download and Install VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Apk is an application developed by a third party and has gone through a modification process, so to download it, you have to go through a special link, guys.

Likewise, the installation process must be done manually via each smartphone device.

However, you must be careful in choosing a download link, make sure to look for a safe and trusted link.

Considering that currently many irresponsible parties deliberately take advantage of their popularity by manipulating the download link.

If you download the Apk via an unclear link, it is possible that there will be bad impacts that will occur, because the modified application is often infiltrated by malware viruses that can damage the system performance of the device itself.

But don’t worry guys, because in this article we will share the VidNow Apk download link which is proven safe to access.

In addition, mod applications also have special specifications, just like official applications in general.

Through these specifications, you can see which version of the device is suitable for installing the Apk.

While the specifications, how to download and install VidNow Mod Apk are as follows:

1. VidNow Apk Specifications

  • App Name: Vidnow Money Making Apk
  • Minimum OS: Android 4.2 +
  • Current Version: V1.5.8
  • Apk File Size: 18 MB
  • Category: Watch Videos
  • Update: Latest Version
  • Publisher: Vidnow
  • Root: No Require

2. How to Download and Install VidNow Apk

  • For the first step, please download the Apk by accessing the following link (Download VidNow Apk).
  • If you have successfully downloaded the apk, please extract the file first using zar or zip.
  • Then go to the Settings / Settings menu on your Smartphone device.
  • Then go to the Privacy and Security menu to grant app installation permissions.
  • After that, check the words Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources for file activation.
  • If you have, you can activate it, click file and install
  • Wait for the process until the application is actually successfully installed.
  • Done and Apk is ready to use to earn real money in an easy and instant way.

It is expected to follow all the installation process properly and correctly, lest there are any wrong or missed steps.

Because if any step is missed or wrong, most likely the application cannot be opened and you have to repeat the process of downloading and installing the application.

3. How to Register on VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk
How to Register on VidNow Mod Apk

After the installation and download process is complete, the next step is to carry out the registration process, so that the Apk can be used to get prize money guys.

For how to register on VidNow Mod Apk as follows:

  • Please open the application and give permission if a notification pop up appears.
  • Then run the account registration process, by clicking on the words “Register” which is available on the Rp. 20 thousand today, so that you are directed to the registration menu.
  • One of the available registration methods is using a Gmail and Google account and if you have signed in with a password, you can immediately complete the assigned task or mission.

4. How to Earn Money on VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk
How to Earn Money on VidNow Mod Apk

If all the above processes are successfully completed, then the next step that must be carried out is to complete the task, so that you can get the prize money guys.

There are several ways to get money on VidNow Mod Apk that can be applied, including:

1. Watching Videos Regularly

Watching videos regularly is the first way that can be applied to earn money on this VidNow Apk.

If this mission has been carried out regularly, you will be rewarded with coins, but remember that the video must be watched to the end.

If you skip a lot, the coins you get will not increase.

2. Invite Friends

Just like other money-making applications, inviting friends is also a mandatory task that must be implemented, if you want to get prize money from VidNow Apk.

The number of friends who are invited is gradual, starting from 10 to 100 friends and the prizes also vary, starting from Rp. 10 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand.

3. Installing the App

Installing the application is the last method that can be applied, if you want to earn money on VidNow Apk.

You can install one application or several other popular applications, such as game applications to fill out surveys.

5. Advantages of VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk
Advantages of VidNow Mod Apk

It is undeniable indeed, if VidNow Mod Apk is increasingly popular and more and more people are looking for it.

This popularity is obtained because the Apk can be used easily and quickly on all types of smartphones.

The features available in the VidNow Apk application are quite interesting and will not be found in the official version of the application.

Here are some of the advantages of the VidNow Apk that you need to know:

1. Referral Program

The referral program is the first advantage that VidNow Apk has, because if the tasks in the program are successfully completed, then you can pocket some money.

This referral program itself is the task of the user who must be able to invite friends to be willing to participate to join the application.

The more friends you invite to join, of course the more money you will get.

There are 4 types of withdrawals that you can make, starting from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 150,000,.

Each nominal has its own number of referrals and for 4 referrals you will pocket a prize of Rp. 15,000 to 40 referrals can be obtainedRp. 150,000.

If you are able to generate 40 referrals every day, then the target within a month can be achieved.

You can choose one of the 4 options, then select “Redeem Now” and the exchange will be processed until the balance is transferred to the Fund account before connecting to the e-wallet.

2. Fantastic Daily Tasks

When you later receive the task and all the special bonuses, then you can also do some other daily tasks that can earn you more coins every day.

The tasks provided are the same as the previous tasks, namely you have to watch videos, download, share videos or movies, like videos, and many other things.

Don’t forget a single task, because the coins will decrease and at the same time you can watch some other interesting video content that has been provided.

3. Beginner Tasks and Special Bonus

The last advantage is that the system of the VidNow Apk application is relatively new, so you must first collect as many coins as possible.

Later you will get some tasks that are familiar with the term beginner task or for users who have just signed up using a Google account.

The coins obtained can be claimed and then disbursed and can be used to shop for daily necessities.

6. How to withdraw the money earned on VidNow Mod Apk

VidNow Mod Apk
How to Withdraw Money Earned on VidNow Mod Apk

After successfully completing the tasks and missions given by VidNow Apk, then you can withdraw it through several digital wallets such as VO, Gopay, Dana and others.

Meanwhile, how to withdraw the money obtained in VidNow Mod Apk as follows:

  • The minimum balance that can be disbursed is Rp. 8000, so first make sure the nominal balance you have is more than that amount.
  • After that, you can open the Apk then open the “Daily Challenges> Withdraw” menu.
  • After that, connect to another Dana account or e-wallet if possible. To do this, click “Connect your Fund account with Vidnow” and enter the Dana account data so you can make money then press the “Withdraw Now” button to process the disbursement of money to the e-wallet balance.

The final word

Thus a complete review of the VidNow Apk that you need to know, and can be taken into consideration before using it.

One of the most important things to prepare before using this VidNow Apk is to know the specifications of the application.

That way, you can prepare a device that is suitable or compatible with the application, making it comfortable to use on the device.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about VidNow Mod Apk 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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