Viral Flying Snake On Tiktok, Real Or Edited?

flying snake viral on tiktok

Hello friends, infoin, meet again with the admin who this time will explain the facts flying snake viral on tiktok lately.

Special social media, tiktok, yesterday was stirred up by the viral flying snake. The enthusiasm of the residents in seeing this phenomenon was so extraordinary that they came out of the house and took the time to see it.

The video uploaded by a tiktok account named @hijaber_ida shows the occurrence of snakes flying at night. The incident occurred in the middle of a busy road with a density of vehicles resulting in slowing of traffic.

Many residents also came out of their homes to witness this incident. The snake which is quite large in size has shocked the surrounding community and also other road users who witnessed this phenomenon.

Surely you are here looking for the truth about flying snake phenomenon on tiktok this. Incidentally, here Mimin will also discuss the truth in detail for those of you who listen to this article to the end.

Alright, let’s just reveal the truth from phenomenon flying snake this.

Viral Flying Snake On Tiktok, Real Or Edited?

flying snake viral on tiktok

Explanation of the Viral Snake Phenomenon

Well, for those who are curious about this incident, you can read in detail in this article. In the tiktok video, the presence of a large snake hanging on a cable has shocked local residents. They went out of the house and watched this phenomenon while recording using their cell phones.

Luckily the snake hanging on the cable didn’t fall on the road. In the video uploaded by his original account, he said that the snake was a python, which is known to be very deadly.

After a long wait by officers, the snake finally fell and was immediately caught by firefighters. It turns out that the flying snake incident happened in real, but the phenomenon did not occur in Indonesia but in the Philippines.

The viral phenomenon of snakes flying in tiktok app it was originally a video uploaded by the @michaelyufull account. How? now you already know the clarity of this phenomenon.

For those of you who haven’t watched this flying snake phenomenon or missed the news update. Don’t worry admin will help you to see the video here no need to search here and there.

The final word

Alright buddy, maybe that’s all I can say about the viral flying snake on tiktok. Hopefully it can be useful for those of you who are curious about this incident and thank you for visiting

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