Viral Kangkung Squid, Here’s the Explanation

Squid Kale Viral – At the moment kangkung squid viral on social media and is widely discussed. So what makes these two things trending? Well, for those of you who are curious about why kale squid is trending on social media.

Then you can find out the answer on this site. Of course, because here, info will only discuss about squid and kale which are trending on social media. Immediately for those of you who want to know the answer, then see the explanation about squid and kale go viral the following.

Why Squid Viral?

First, here the admin will discuss about the squid first. So, it all started with a netizen’s post on Twitter. Who is cleaning the squid for cooking.

He also explained that while washing the squid. The netizen thought of something indecent. And try to do it. Namely masturbation using squid that had been washed for cooking.

From his post, he got many responses from other netizens. There are those who think the same thing, there are also those who criticize the post because it is deemed unworthy to be imitated.

Viral Kangkung Squid, Here’s the Explanation

Squid Kale Viral

That’s what makes squid trending on social media. So what about kale? To find out. Just take a look at the discussion that the admin has prepared below.

Why is Kangkung Viral?

Just like squid, trending kale also started with twitter posts. Which tells about the relationship between Hedyun and Yana Yulio. Please note this is an original story originating from a twitter post.

Tragedy begins when they have a relationship. And kale came out from the back of Hedyun. Since then their love affair broke up because of the kale. That’s what makes kale and squid trending on social media.

For those of you who want to see the initial post squid and kale go viral. Then you can directly check the origin from the following link: Click Here


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about kangkung squid viral twitter. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting

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