Viral Sunrise From the North, Here’s the Fact

Viral Sunrise From the North – Lately the middle viral sunrise from the north. Of course, the news took netizens by surprise. And find out the truth. So is the news of the sunrise from the north genuine? Or is it just a hoax?

To find out, then you must continue to read the reviews in this article. Of course, because here the admin will discuss this. In detail and easy to understand so you know the truth behind viral sunrise in the north.

Video Sunrise In the North

The video of the sunrise in the north started from the upload of a netizen on twitter. A twitter user with the account name @SaveMoslem1, uploading a video sunrise in the north on Thursday. Precisely on June 17, 2022 yesterday with

The post received many responses from netizens. Some people associate it with ordinary natural phenomena. But is it true? is video of sunrise from the north is a natural phenomenon?

Viral Sunrise From the North, Here’s the Fact

From the search that the admin did, the sunrise in the north is indeed a natural phenomenon. This phenomenon is called the summer solstice. This was also strengthened by the response from LAPAN or the National Institute of Space and Aviation.

So what is meant by the summer solstice? So that friends know the meaning of the summer solstice phenomenon. Then you can check the explanation below. Here is the explanation.

What is Summer Solstice

According to Wikipedia, the summer solstice is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth’s north pole tilts toward the sun. Meanwhile, the south pole moves away from the sun. Then the north will have summer, and the south will have winter.

It also causes the sun to appear to rise from the north. Whereas at that time the sun actually rose from the northeast and set from the northwest. That’s a brief explanation of infoinsaja about the summer solstice.

So, it can be concluded that sunrise in the north video is a natural phenomenon. If any of your friends are curious, then please share this article.


Okay, maybe that’s all I can convey about the viral video of the sunrise from the north. Hopefully useful and thank you for stopping by

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