Voice Meme Free Fire For Quick Chat, Here’s How To Change It

Voice Meme Free Fire

infoinsaja.com – Hello friends, in this article, just info will share free fire voice memes. Namely a replacement voice for quick chat ff to make it funnier and more hilarious.

As we know, currently free fire is still in the interest of many people in Indonesia. There are already millions of players who have played this battleground game.

Well, recently the FF developer, Garena, made a very useful feature. Namely a quick chat that serves as a short communication between players in a team.

To make it easier to understand, please refer to the brief discussion below. This discussion covers quick chat and its use in games.

Quick Chat Free Fire

So, quick chat is a feature provided to facilitate communication. For example, while playing, you find the enemy’s hiding place. Then you can use a quick chat that says “enemies are visible”.

In addition, there are many more quick chats that can be used in various conditions. Among other things, there are come with me, help me, the game is great, the enemy is visible, and much more.

Quick chat was originally released in English voice, but the developer is currently also adding Indonesian voice. By theme voice ff which just like that, will certainly make players get bored quickly right?

Voice Meme Free Fire For Quick Chat, Here’s How To Change It

Voice Meme Free Fire

Therefore quick chat meme ff emerged as a solution so that players don’t get bored quickly. However, to change a regular quick chat into a free fire meme quick chat, of course, there are several things that must be done.

Is it difficult? Of course not. For those of you who are interested in changing voice meme ffthen please read the tutorial to change the following quick chat ff.

How to Turn FF Voice Into Meme

  1. The first step you have to do is download the file
  2. You can download the meme version of the voice ff file by clicking here
  3. Then go to the file manager, and look for the downloaded file
  4. Extract the file, then move it to Android>Data
  5. Complete the transfer (copy and paste)

If it’s finished, then you can check directly into the free fire game. So that’s it how to change voice meme free fire. How? Easy isn’t it? Don’t forget to also share this article with your FF friends!


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about funny voice memes ff. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com.

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