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Link Watch the film The Medium, sub Indo on Telegram – drama the medium is a film from Thailand that has re-emerged to entertain Indonesian audiences. This time it came from a film with the horror genre and titled The Medium or in Indonesian “Media”.

This film officially launched in Indonesia on October 20, 2022 later, on the other hand for some it has been broadcast in South Korea on July 14, 2022 later. The film is directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun.

On the other hand, the script was written by Cha-won Choi, Chanavit Dhanasevi, and Na Hong-jin. It can be said that this film is the work of two countries, namely Thailand and South Korea. The production itself was tried in Thailand by linking the GDH 559 film studio, Showbox Entertainment, and Northern Cross.

For a moment this film depicts the horrific story of a Thai psychic who continues his family profession. Various horror and rigid segments are included in it. So what’s the short narrative? Next is the synopsis.

Synopsis The Medium( 2022)

The Medium film tells about the life of kebatinan in Thailand which is packaged in a documentary style. Comes from a female shaman or shaman who comes from Northern Thailand named Nim (Sawanee Utoomma).

At that time the documentary team took Nim to his house because he had to take over his brother Noi (Sirani Yankittikan). Noi doesn’t want to be a psychic because he has to be a medium between the astral earth and the people’s earth. This obligation was carried out by the Nim family in a sworn way and there must be someone who continues it.

At some point, Nim sees his naughty niece Mink (Narilya Gulmongkolpech), at that time the atmosphere is still condolences where the husband of her female relative died. Nim and Noi take control of the situation and begin to suspect Mink’s best-selling action.

Mink is the son of Noi, a charming woman in her 20s who is possessed by a gentle person with unnatural behavior. Mink’s eyes turned red and his body produced a lot of blood. At that time only Nim could see it because it started from a gentle person and no one in the family also knew.

The Medium film presents a reflection of the horror of being possessed by a gentle person. The visual horror is realized in the supernaturalism, exorcism, and occult segments to produce a solid horror opinion with rain, mud, and blood.

Even though it was presented in the form of a documentary, this film was successful in generating a clear opinion for the viewers. Approaching the stories in other supernatural films, there is a segment of soul elimination or exorcism from the possessed human obstacle.

Stunning scenes during the exorcism run into a thrilling horror thriller that is interesting to watch. Then what about the events in the film? You can watch it via streaming, the link has been prepared below.

How to Watch Streaming The Medium (2022) for Free

After reading the synopsis above, you can watch the film The Medium (2022) with Indonesian subtitles via the streaming program. There are many streaming providers on search engines that you can use to watch movies for free.

Through the program or facilitator, you can enjoy various types according to your desires. Especially for The Medium( 2022) with Indonesian subtitles, you can use a streaming service facilitator by clicking the link /3pYy4QR

You can watch streaming on your laptop or smartphone features with only an internet connection. If you are having trouble watching the film, then the solution is to use the Telegram program.

Link to Watch The Medium Film, Indo Sub on Telegram

For those of you who are having trouble creating a streaming link for The Medium( 2022). The solution is that you can watch it via the Telegram application. This application always introduces what we need as long as there is someone who shares it.

If you have found it, of course you will stay to download until it ends and immediately see the film, easy isn’t it. Because through this Telegram application we can provide files with large dimensions. To watch it on Telegram go to the link

Pretty easy isn’t it to watch The Medium movie on Telegram? Not only can you watch it by streaming, you can download it if you want to watch it later in the day.

The final word

This medium film is perfect for those of you who are lovers of horror and thrillers or cruel films, because horror films from Thailand are also very famous for their horror, so don’t hesitate to watch them.

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