What does F/M on Telegram mean? Here’s the Explanation

F/M on Telegram — Users should be familiar Telegram App with the term f/m. This is because it is definitely not radio because it is not a news broadcast. So from there if you feel you don’t understand, you can read this article to the end. Hopefully you are not confused after being at our place.

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Maybe for new users in the Telegram application, of course there are still many who are unfamiliar with the term F/M. So from that we will try to peel it off for all of you. Hopefully this is useful later.

The term F/M appeared recently because of the emergence of anonymous Telegram chat which has gone viral recently. The purpose is various why someone asks F/M. So from there we just discuss one by one.

F/M on Telegram Turns Out This Is What It Means

Maybe not many users who are enjoying anonymous chat Telegram understand the meaning of this term. That’s why a lot of people are confused about this. So, instead of you being confused about it, we have the answer.

F/M on Telegram
F/M on Telegram

Don’t think that f/m means guitar chords. This is because there is absolutely nothing to do with this f/m and anonymous chat which is getting busier lately. So we will try to dig in accordance with the existing context.

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That way, the meaning of this f / m will later be in accordance with the context in which you chat in the application. Hopefully that way you will understand very well the intent of the f or m chat that was thrown by the Telegram users.

The meaning of F/M is

It turns out that the meaning of F/M is female/male. If translated into Indonesian female / male. So if your chat partner removes one of these letters, they may ask your gender.

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Please answer according to your taste as long as it is not drawn?. So that’s about it for our review. Hope it fits what you’re looking for. If you don’t agree, please interpret it yourself.


We think that’s enough for our discussion of f/m on Telegram. Hopefully what we discuss is useful for all of you. So read to the end so you don’t misunderstand.

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