What does FF mean in the KPOP world? This is the explanation

What does FF mean in the world of KPOP

infoinsaja.com – On this occasion, just infoins only will discuss the answers to the questions what does ff mean in the world of kpop? Well, for those of you who are curious about the meaning of ff in the kpop world. So please read this article to the end, because the admin will discuss it thoroughly.

As we know the kpop world contains artists from Korea. And they are highly idolized by various fans throughout the country including Indonesia. Kpop is famous for various talents such as singing and dancing. In addition, kpop artists are also loved because of their good looks and beauty.

Well, in the kpop world there is a term that is familiar to Indonesian citizens. Namely the term ff which is currently a question for Indonesian netizens. FF is not a famous game, namely free fire, but a special term in the kpop world. For those who are curious, just take a look the meaning of ff in kpop the following.

What Does FF Mean In Kpop World?

The meaning of ff for kpopers is fun fiction, a work of fiction written by fans. Generally, this fun fiction writer uses the name of his idol as a character in the story. And of course the entire storyline in fun fiction is the author’s imagination or not based on a true story.

What does FF mean in the KPOP world? This is the explanation

What does FF mean in the world of KPOP

You need to know, there are many terms other than ff in kpop that are rarely known. Well, once you understand what does ff mean for kpopers. So now you should know another term. Of course, so that you understand more about the world of fun fiction or works of fiction from kpop fans. Here is the review.

A collection of terms in FF Kpop

So far there are 5 terms that are known in ff kpop. Namely there are AU, Author, Y/N, Sunbae and Hoobae. For more details, here is the explanation:

  1. AU stands for Alternative Universe. In ff kpop, au is interpreted as a sign that idols and other characters change 100% from real life.
  2. Author is a term for the author of the story.
  3. Y/N stands for Your Name or your name. With y/n, the author will make K-Pop idols in fun fiction pair up with you.
  4. Sunbae is a Korean language and a designation for people who are older and deserve respect.
  5. Just like sunbae, Hoobae is also Korean. Used to refer to someone who is younger.

Well, those are some terms in the world of ff kpop. Apart from knowing meaning of ff for army, here you know other terms right? That way you will know more about the world of kpop fun fiction.


Okay friends, kpop lovers, that’s all the admin can say about the meaning of ff kpop. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com.

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