What Is N Word On Tiktok? Check out the explanation here

what is n word in tiktok

infoinsaja.com – Hello friends, on this occasion the admin will discuss about what is n word in tiktok in detail so that you understand this.

Lately, netizens are busy discussing the word tiktok. Many netizens are also looking for the meaning of the word n ​​word.

In tiktok app contains a short video or content that we can watch every day. With this application we can find entertainment videos that can make us entertained and also laugh.

Now the word n ​​word is busy on tiktok and many users do not understand the meaning of the word. If you are also curious about this hall, then read this article to the end so that you understand.

Because here the admin will discuss in detail about what is n-word?. Immediately following the explanation.

Meaning of N Word

N word is a rude word that begins with the letter N. In this context, N Word leads to a racist word, namely n***a or n***er. Admin censors because this word is really very sensitive to listen to.

So this word is often spoken in the western part of the world by white supremacists who despise blacks. This word is indeed very racist to the point of being a taboo enough word for someone to say

Well, don’t let you try to mention this one word to other people. Because this is in order to maintain the diversity of our nation, Indonesia, which has the slogan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means different but still one.

What Is N Word On Tiktok? Check out the explanation here

what is n word in tiktok

Conclusion From N Word

So basically, N word is one of the taboo words to be spoken orally because it contains a very racist meaning, namely insulting or degrading the dignity of black citizens.

But if someone says directly the word “N Word” instead of the actual N Word, it has different meanings and meanings depending on the context.

So the admin recommends that you be careful in using this n word language. If you say it wrong, then other people will feel offended or insulted by the words you say. Be careful in speaking because your mouth is your tiger.

The final word

Alright friends, maybe that’s all the admin can explain about what n word is on tiktok. Hopefully useful for all of you and thank you for visiting this article.

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