WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK mod Bozkurt Hazarr

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK – Admin Give a download link for the latest version of the latest WA Aero mod APK, here you will get the features of WA Arero version 8.11 which are really useful.

Aero Whatsapp was first launched last year, namely 2022. This WA mod feature can be said to be more complete, so it is often used by many people. Some people think that this feature is quite unique and different from ordinary WhatsApp.

This type of WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK is a modified version adapted from the original device and requires users to download it through the provider’s site. You will not find this application in the play store service or also in the app store.

WhatsApp aero itself was developed by one of the modders that is quite popular, namely Bozkurt Hazarr, a developer from Turkey. The purpose of making the application is to complete the shortcomings of the original application, but what is quite prominent from this aero WhatsApp 8.11 APK is that it has more themes.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications and is widely used by internet users for their communication needs today.

However, the features of WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK are still quite limited, so it is natural that many users are bored and want to try using other applications.

One way to solve this problem is to use the WA mod application. WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK mod version definitely provides some additional features that can make the application more interesting.

Now what many netizens are looking for right now is the latest WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK. Then what is WA Aero? What are the advantages and want to try downloading the apk? Listen to the end.

Know WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK?

WhatsApp has now become the most widely used chat application to communicate and create business accounts to run an online business. But one of the weaknesses of WhatsApp is the limited features it contains. Because the features in WhatsApp are very limited.

For this reason, this feature is also what makes some people switch to using the WA mod, such as the ones we are discussing on this occasion, such as WhatsApp Aero 8.11.

As mentioned above, the WhatsApp Aero application is a modded version of the WhatsApp application or an application that has been modified by a third party.

This application has been modified by a modder from Turkey who claims to be named Bozkurt Hazarr. Even so, WhatsApp Aero is no less popular than other mod applications such as GB WhatsApp.

Therefore, the WhatsApp Aero application is enough to attract the attention of many netizens to try because it provides several additional features that will not be found in the original WhatsApp.

In addition, even though WhatsApp Aero is a mod application, it still brings the system from the latest WhatsApp application and has also received the 8.11 version update in December 2022.

Features of WhatsApp Aero v8.11

WhatsApp Aero is also a WhatsApp program that has been replaced with complete features, so that it can provide convenience for its users.

The good news is that this WhatsApp mod program can support all types of Android phones. The origin of the details of the Android that is used is using the Android 4.0 OS, the area to store a minimum of 500 MB and RAM on the cellphone a minimum of 1 GB.

If you look at the specifications of the current cellphone, it can be said that most of the cellphones support so that you can use this program.

Like other mod versions of the application, the latest WhatsApp Aero also provides several updates and additional features that are quite useful. Some of these features include the following:

1. Remove the Blue Checklist

The first feature is the feature to disable the blue tick so that the chat will remain gray even though it has been read. This feature does not exist in the original or original version.

2. Eliminate Online Status

By disabling this online status you can freely open the WhatsApp application and your status even though you are online because it will appear offline.

3. Block Calls

For those of you who may be disturbed by people around you, you can take advantage of this feature to block calls. That way the blocked person will not be able to contact you again.

4. Eliminate Typing Status

When you type in the chat field, a message will usually appear that you are typing. Now you can disable it so that notifications no longer appear in this application.

5. Can View Deleted Status

If a story has been deleted it usually can’t be seen again. But WhatsApp Aero can save status records and you can still see other people’s deleted statuses without using other applications.

6. Viewing Stories Unknown

Another feature you can see other people’s stories without being noticed so you can be free to stalk. So you don’t have to worry about your name appearing in the list of people who viewed the story.

7. Theme Options

This feature is one of the reasons people use WhatsApp Aeor, namely the existence of a variety of theme options that are very attractive so that the display is not boring.

8. Download Story

One feature that is quite useful is where you can download personal stories or other people’s stories and save them to the gallery without using third-party applications.

9. Send Large Files

On WhatsApp, the original file that can be sent is limited to 25 MB. But for WhatsApp Aero, you can still send larger files. Interested in using it?

10. Send Message Without Save Number

Another feature is that you can send new messages to other people without having to save the number. That way it will certainly make use more practical and can save your phone storage.

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK Mod

The consumption of WA Mod is currently increasingly viral among millennial groups who crave more features from the WhatsApp program. This is supported by the arrival of quite a number of programs versus mods currently available, one of which is wa aero.

Communication is a meaningful matter in knitting friendship. Fortunately in the current digital era there are quite a number of programs that provide support for this. Whether it’s through social media or instant messenger programs.

Each messaging program that exists certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, so there are often those who use more than one program to get some of the features of the various programs. Because there is a version of this modification, so you can do it all in just one program.

In the following, we will share the download link for the latest WhatsApp Aero version 8.11 APK application which can be accessed right now. Immediately, to download WA Aero 8.11 mod APK, you can click the following link.

Details description
Name WhatsApp Aero
Version 8.11
Developer Bozkurt Hazarr
File APK
File Size 63MB


How to Install WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK Mod

To install the WA Aero 8.11 mod APK file itself, as usual, you have to do it manually too. First of all, you need to download the APK file via the link shared above.

After that, you can install it by following this short guide:

  1. Delete the original WhatsApp application that is already installed on the phone.
  2. After that open File Manager on your phone and go to the Download folder.
  3. Then find the WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK file then click and Install.
  4. Don’t forget to enable installation mode from unknown sources on your phone.
  5. After that, you can continue by clicking Install again.
  6. Done now just wait for the installation to finish.

How very easy is not it? After the application is successfully installed, you can directly use the WhatsApp Aero application by entering the active number to login.

If you’re looking for a variant WhatsApp Mod which has the best features and design, then WhatsApp Aero be one of the most correct answers. Now for those of you who are curious about this application, let’s see the full discussion below.

Aero WA itself was developed by Hazar Bozkurt, a Spy Software Expert, Modder, UX.Ui design, and Mobile Apps Development. Judging from the expertise they have, it’s not surprising that this WhatsApp Mod variant has a good design and cool features

So, that was a little review about the WhatsApp Aero 8.11 APK download link application and how to install the application. Hope the information can help. Thank you and good luck.

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