WhatsApp Aero 8.36 Apk WA Mod Update Version 2022

WhatsApp Aero 8.36 Apk – WA Aero by hazar is the main choice for WA MOD application lovers because it has features without expiration and anti-ban

WhatsApp Mod Aero is widely liked by smartphone users today because this application is one of the most popular multimedia applications and is currently in great demand as well as many advantages in version 8.36.

Please note that the WhatsApp Apk is one of the most popular chat applications used in Indonesia. For this reason, many other applications or modified applications from WhatsApp have emerged which are also used by the public. The number of WhtasApp Mods makes AERO WA more attractive to its users.

Who is not familiar with Whatsapp? A messaging application that is now used by billions of people around the world. The increasing use of smartphones makes this application a favorite of many people compared to other applications messenger other.

Many features are embedded so that chat activities are more diverse. Unfortunately, these features cannot be used optimally because the developer provides limitations to its users. However, that can all be circumvented by the presence Aero WhatsApp 8.36 Apk Mod.

One of the WhatsApp modification applications that you can try to use is WA Aero Version 8.36. Check out the review of the WA Aero version 8.36 application below.

WhatsApp Aero 8.36 at a glance

WhatsApp Aero
WhatsApp Aero

WA Aero Version 8.36 is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by a third party. This application is widely chosen and used because it has more features than the original WhatsApp application.

After previously discussing the GB Whatsapp application, then there is a similar application called WA Aero Version 8.36.

Has the same function as Whatsapp Mod In addition, WA Aero Version 8.36 Apk also has various additional features.

Where of course the features that exist in the WA Aero application Version 8.36 Mod You won’t find the Apk on the regular Whatsapp Messenger.

Whatsapp Messenger itself is an application chat which has been widely used by the world community.

Even its existence can shift the application chat similar to LINE and BBM which were even released earlier than Whatsapp.

Because of its popularity, many parties continue to issue the WA Aero Version 8.36 version with various additional features.

Of course, these features are one of the advantages that WA Aero Version 8.36 Apk has compared to ordinary Whatsapp.

The parties who developed the Whatsapp Messenger application in the form of an application called WA Aero Version 8.36, of course, had a goal.

Their main goal is to find as many users of the Latest WA Aero Version 8.36 as possible to generate rupiah coffers.

Even though it’s possible that the things they do don’t have the consent of the parties developer official Whatsapp Messenger.

WA Aero Version 8.36 continues to move and continues to issue the best version so that it can always stand out among other similar applications.

Until now WA Aero Version 8.36 Mod It is indeed one of the most sought after choices by Whatsapp users.

And if you are really interested in using WA Aero Version 8.36 Apk then you can get the information here.

To know the download link for WA Aero Version 8.36 and how to install this application, you must read the explanation below.

By launching the latest version, WA Aero offers even more features and advantages that you can use and make good use of.

Features of WA Aero Mod Apk Version 8.36

Before deciding whether to use the WA Aero version 8.36 application or not, you must first know what features are in this application. The following are some of the features in the WA Aero version 8.36 application:

  • Can hide ticks, view status and online status
  • Can see WhatsApp messages that have been withdrawn or deleted
  • Can see stories that have been deleted
  • Unlimited WhatsApp themes available

Of course there are many other interesting features that you can use and find in the WA Aero version 8.36 application.

WhatsApp Aero 8.36 is a development or modification of the regular version of the WhatsApp application. Fouad Mokdad is the man behind this modified application. WhatsApp Aero itself has more optimal features in terms of security and file delivery than the regular WhatsApp version.

That’s why many people started using this app to maximize their WhatsApp usage. One of the features offered allows one to see the activities of others while on WhatsApp. Some display adjustments are also maximized here.

Features of WhatsApp Aero 8.36 Apk

We will share the features of WhatsApp Aero below, and it is important to note that the many communication needs that have developed from using WhatsApp have made the features offered by the WhatsApp Aero 8.36 application quite important. Before discussing it further, here are the features offered by WhatsApp Aero 8.36 Mod Apks:

1. User Privacy

  1. Hide status when online
  2. Hide double tick or blue tick status
  3. Watching friends’ stories without getting caught
  4. Make messages unforwardable
  5. Make WA stories still exist even though they have been deleted
  6. Make messages persist even after they’ve been deleted
  7. Hide microphone button from chat page
  8. Hide typing status
  9. Hide status while recording sound
  10. Can see friends activity on WhatsApp (online, change profile photo, etc.)
  11. Broadcast privacy
  12. Group and contact privacy
  13. Only certain numbers can call the user’s WA
  14. Can stop last seen feature
  15. Can upload videos on WA stories up to 5 minutes without cutting
  16. Can send WA messages without having to save the number first
  17. Can make WA stories appear on the home page like Instagram

2. Security

In terms of security, this application has settings in the form of a password or pattern when you want to use the main features. So, when the default app lock feature is not active, this method can be a second security bulwark that is not found in the regular version of WhatsApp.

Users can also perform account recovery through the recovery question feature. With this feature, users don’t have to worry if they forget the previously created password.

2. Application View

  • There are many interesting themes available from the YOThemes server
  • Can change the appearance of the main page
  • There are many choices of interesting fonts
  • Can set the display on the conversation page (tick, chat bubble, etc.)
  • The font size setting is more complete than the regular version

3. File Sharing

  • Can send high resolution images up to 18 MB
  • Can include 90 images in one submission
  • The size of the video that can be sent is larger, from 16 MB in the regular version to around 1 GB in the application Wa Aero 8.36 This Mod Apk

Download WA Aero Version 8.36

Of course, you can’t download the WA Aero version 8.36 application on legal platforms such as the Google Play Store or the App Store, because this application was developed by a third party. If you want to use and download the WA Aero version 8.36 application, then you have to download it manually.

Download WhatsApp Aero Hazar Latest Version 9.22

Name WhatsApp Aero by Hazar Apk Mod
File Size 62MB
App Version V9.22
OS Android 4.0+
Download Here

Please click here to connect to the WA Aero application file provider website Version 8.36. Wait until the WA Aero Version 8.36 application file is stored on your phone and continue with the installation process.

Install the WA Aero V8.36 by Hazar Apk Application Mod

You don’t need much time to be able to install the WA Aero Version 8.36 application on your cellphone.

The following is how to install the WA Aero version 8.36 application on your cellphone:

  1. Make sure the installation permissions from unknown sources on your phone are turned on. If not, please open the settings then click the security menu. Enable installation permissions from unknown sources.
  2. Open the file manager and look for the WA Aero Version 8.36 application file that you downloaded earlier.
  3. Click the install button and wait until a notification appears that the WA Aero Version 8.36 application has been successfully installed.

How to Use the WhatsApp Aero Application Version 8.36

Broadly speaking, how to use the WA Aero application Version 8.36 is more or less the same as the original WhatsApp application.

You can verify by entering the OTP code sent by the WA Aero version 8.36 application. If so, set which mod features you want.

Is WA Aero Application Version 8.36 Safe to Use?

The developer of the WA Aero Version 8.36 application claims that the application they have developed is safe and your privacy will be maintained.

However, the WA Aero version 8.36 application is still illegal, so you are advised to use the WhatsApp Original application only.

That’s Domainjava.com’s discussion of the WhatsApp Aero 8.36 Apk application that you need to know. You can choose whether to use the WA Aero Mod Version 8.36 application or not. Hope it is useful.

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