WhatsApp Aero Apk 19.20.1 WA Mod Latest Version 2022

WhatsApp Aero Apk 19.20.1 – Here’s the download link for WhatsApp Aero 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar update the latest version 2022. WA Aero by hazar is the main choice for WA MOD application lovers because it has features without expiration and anti-ban

WhatsApp Mod Aero is widely liked by smartphone users today because this application is one of the most popular multimedia applications and is currently in great demand as well as many advantages in version 19.20.1.

Only with this application we can communicate and even work with friends, lovers and companies that use wa groups.

In the WhatsApp application, we can not only chat in text form, but have complete features such as being able to send pictures, videos and other things.

Although the functionality is quite complete, there are still many bugs in the original WhatsApp application because it has many limitations that are deliberately limited.

For that comes WhatsApp mod which is a WhatsApp APK with the most complete features, one of which is WA Aero 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar Version and fm whatsapp.

WhatsApp Aero apk latest version 19.20.1 2022 is a WA MOD application that is anti-banned and without expiration + There are still many other excellent features.

WhatsApp Aero 19.20.1 Apk at a Glance

WhatsApp Aero Apk
WhatsApp Aero 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar

This application is an application that is modified from a third party with the presence of several additional special features that do not exist or are not open in the original WA.

From there, most users from the original WA version switched to this aero whatsapp 19.20.1 mod, because they were curious and wanted to experience using it for themselves with some of the advanced features that have been embedded and opened by the developer.

This means that things that cannot be used in the original WhatsApp application, they can use and take advantage by downloading this WhatsApp 19.20.1 Areo Apk.

WA Aero is a highly customizable WA mod Aero v19.20.1 by hazar application with many great and interesting features. You will not find the features available in the aero version of WA in the original version of the application, although the features are still very similar.

This is a third party app which you will not find on the official platform. WA aero version allows you to choose a display theme and there are many themes that you can use.

If you are looking for the WA Aero 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar MOD version that has the best design and functionality, WhatsApp Aero is the answer. If you ask why, I’ll try to explain it to you a bit.

Please note that Aero WhatsApp is developed by Khazar Bozkurt, spyware expert, mobile app developer, designer, and UX/UI modifier.

When you see some of these options, you don’t need to hesitate anymore with WhatsApp Aero, right?

Features of WhatsApp WA Aero 19.20.1 Hazar Mod Version

There are many features that are the advantages of the latest version of the 2022 WhatsApp Aero application, here are some of them:

1. Safe (Anti Banned)

Although this is a modified version, it has an anti-ban feature. This is a very useful feature that allows users to use this app comfortably.

2. Can Know Who Viewed Profile

This feature lets you know who views your profile the most, which is pretty cool isn’t it?

You can see contacts who are secretly visiting your profile regularly. This feature is definitely special, so you won’t find it in the original version.

You should be very happy to see who is secretly viewing your profile.

3. More Emojis Available.

This app has more emojis than the original version, you can use them freely. The many emoticons will make you more fun and happy when chatting with your friends.

No need to download emoticons, you can use them however you want.

4. Anti Delete Messages

The following feature is no less interesting, you can still read messages deleted by the sender. So you won’t be upset if a message is deleted, even if you haven’t read it.

And you won’t be curious about the contents of deleted messages thanks to this awesome WA Aero feature.

5. Can Hide Online Status

You can enable this feature in WA Aero to prevent others from seeing you when you are online.

This feature is very cool because we are not caught online even though we are currently using the WhatsApp application

6. Can Send Large Files

This feature is suitable for those of you who often send large files via WA. You don’t have to worry anymore because whatapp aero has great features that really help you.

Downloaded files can be up to 1 GB in size and they will appear in their original quality without any reduction.

7. Display Design

The WA aspect is very interesting because you can change the theme as you wish and you can download almost thousands of designs and unlimited number of stickers for free.

You can also make the appearance of notifications and icons as attractive as possible.

8. Can Block Incoming Calls

The wa aero apk can also filter who can contact us. So you don’t have to worry about previously blocked numbers calling you back.

9. Can Download Status Photos & Videos WA

For those of you who like to tell other people’s stories, you must have seen videos uploaded from time to time, which look very inspiring because they trigger the intention to download them.

WA cannot be downloaded in the default application, there is a warning that you have watched history. But with this wa mod you can download wa story.

10. Hide Blue Tick

This WA application has various features, including tick marks. If it is checked, your message is not delivered. This could be because the person is offline.

A double sign means the message has been sent, and if it turns blue it means the message has been read.

Download WhatsApp Aero Hazar Latest Version 2022

Name WhatsApp Aero by Hazar Apk Mod
File Size 62MB
App Version V19.20.0
OS Android 4.0+
Download Here

How to download and update whatsapp aero by hazar 19.20.1 latest version 2022 can be via the link or from the official site. Or you can just download WhatsApp Aero 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar above

Make sure your smartphone meets the minimum requirements before downloading and installing Aero WA.

This mod works well with the minimum specifications that must be met for smooth operation is the operating system on the smartphone at least Android 4.0.

Your smartphone must have at least 500MB of memory to store this app and have at least 1 GB of RAM.

Download WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk by Hazar

The latest update from WA Mod Aero is WA Aero Pro Hazar version 19.20.1. If you want to access all available Mod features, then you have to install WA Aero Hazar v19.20.1 on this one.

We have provided a 100% safe download link for WA Mod Aero v19.20.1 by Hazar. How to download WA Aero Hazar apk in very easy. You just click the link below, then press the Download button

to download WA Aero Hazar apk. Download WA Aero Pro v 19.20.1 Apk by Hazar Official:


Download link WhatsApp Aero Lite v19.20.1

Name WhatsApp Aero Lite (Light)
File Size 30MB
Version 19.20.1
OS Android 4.0+
Download Here

The WA AERO Lite version 19.20.1 application is very suitable for those of you who have smartphones with specifications that are not large, such as RAM under 2GB.

Because the lite version is very light and does not have a large file size, it is very suitable for lower-middle class cellphones.

You can download the aero lite version from link above or you can also visit the official site that makes the WA application the aero lite version of the apk.

How to Install Aero WhatsApp By Hazar v19.20.1

To install WA AERO Apk 19.20.1, we need to change it in the settings section, because this application is the result of changes and is not officially from Google Play Store.

Therefore, we need to make changes to the permissions section. More as follows:

  1. Download the Wa Aero Mod Apk 19.20.1 from the link the admin provided.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Then go to Security/Security.
  4. You can then see or see how to authorize usage from unknown or unknown sources.
  5. Look for the whatsapp aero mod apk file that you just downloaded, and if you find it you can install it.
  6. Wait until the process is complete. Then it will automatically install to Android device
  7. Finished

You have now successfully installed wa aero v19.20.1 on your favorite smartphone and wa aero is easy to use like other apks.

That’s the Domainjava.com article about WhatsApp Aero 19.20.1 by hazar mod apk and the download link. I hope this helps.

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