WhatsApp Crashing iPhone, This is the Cause

WhatsApp Crashing iPhone — Many people think that successful people are those who have an iPhone smartphone. because the purchase fee is expensive and cooler when holding the ios system. iPhone applications are different from Android. Like the whatsapp, tiktok and youtube systems on the iphone, it is more difficult to use for android users.

But not always expensive goods there are times when there are problems in the system. iPhone users complain of problems that occur, these iOS users complain of not being able to access WhatsApp.

Every time they open WhatsApp they complain that iOS will experience crashes.

This complaint is not necessarily the cause. Of course with crash this will greatly annoy users, both iPhone and WhatsApp users.

The operating system or iOS will instantly experience bugs after opening WhatsApp. In some time this will affect its users.

WhatsApp Crash iPhone
WhatsApp Crash iPhone

Previously, WhatsApp announced new features that could benefit users, in terms of protecting privacy from unknown numbers. Despite many protests from users, WhatsApp has not confirmed anything.

Cause WhatsApp iPhone Crash

Many users protested via tweets on Twitter. Business accounts from WhatsApp are also affected crash this.

Once again the reason from crash it is not clear what causes this application. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons for bugs WhatsApp this time.

WhatsApp Crashing iPhone Bug

Some facts from the WhatsApp incident Crash iPhone that we can summarize this time,

  1. First, it is not only normal WhatsApp that is affected but WhatsApp business is also affected. Bugs what is happening this time also has an impact on WhatsApp Business. We recommend that if you are an iOS and WhatsApp Business user, immediately re-check if you feel there is an important message that must be sent or received via WhatsApp.
  2. No Update Notifications from WhatsApp, usually WhatsApp will be down or crash when there will be an update. However crash this time it was not accompanied by an update notification from WhatsApp. You could say the disturbance that occurred this time came from the existing Meta server.
  3. It’s not just the latest version of iOS that’s experiencing crashes, but users of older versions of iOS also report crash the. You could say that all iOS users, both the latest version and the old version, have experienced the same problem crashes.

Additional information, only iOS users experience crash on WhatsApp. Apart from iOS users, WhatsApp continues to run normally.

Even now WhatsApp doesn’t know where the problem is and hasn’t handled it yet crash WhatsApp on iPhone and iOS users.

Well, that’s a Java domain review regarding WhatsApp crashing iPhone, I hope it’s useful

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