WhatsApp Plus 8.90 Download the Latest Blue WA Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus 8.90 – Because there are so many choices of WhatsApp Mod on the internet, maybe you are still confused about which one to use. I just want to give you a suggestion, one application that is quite good and doesn’t disappoint you is WhatsApp Plus v8.90 Latest 2022.

Yes, you might be right if the features are not much different when compared to the application WhatsApp Mod other. But for appearance, WA Plus 8.90 has something different, guys. Apart from that some of its features are also made with improvements.

WhatsApp Plus 8.90 at a glance

The number of applications for WA Plus 8.90 WhatsApp Mods so far has been very large, guys. Even the number can reach more than 20 versions. Moreover, each version is also not the same in terms of details, although in general it is still almost the same.

The developers who have created and developed WhatsApp Mod are also different guys. So you can be sure that each application if you pay attention has its own characteristics. For WhatsApp Plus 8.90 mod apk it was developed by a longtime or senior member of the XDA forums.

Initially, WA Plus had a logo in the form of gold and it was very different from the original WhatsApp which was green. But for now, what you see is the color is almost the same as WhatsApp, but the green is darker and tends to fade green.

the features in WA Plus 8.90 are like what you see now, guys. For example, you can change themes up to 700 options, emoji are more complete, send files more freely because the maximum limit is bigger, wallpapers and much more.

I can be sure you will really like it if you make it WhatsApp Plus 8.90 this. Because the features are really good and really helpful when used every day.

Features of WA Plus 8.90 Apk Latest Mod 2022

Features have become the main part of making applications WhatsApp MOD Plus 8.90 is so interesting in the eyes of you and other users, guys. So for this article, I will next discuss the problem of its features and advantages. This will let you know more and be sure to make this application.

Especially for those of you who are still confused about choosing from the many WhatsApp Mod applications WA Plus 8.90 Apk . It won’t take long, here are the features and advantages:

Choice of 700 Themes

This feature might be your favorite if you are someone who gets bored easily and likes an eye-catching display. How not to try, application WhatsApp Plus Blue 8.90 has up to 700 theme options that you can freely use without any limitations, guys.

The themes are also very varied and I guarantee you won’t be bored. Just imagine how many themes you can change in a day. Each theme also has a different UI, text color, buttons and graphics, guys.

More Colorful Emojis

Who doesn’t like to express emotions using emojis on WhatsApp? Of course, everyone likes it, guys, even if it’s just a smile or a thumbs up. Well, if you make an application WhatsApp Plus v8.90 In this case, the number of emojis available is much more.

I’d much prefer it if there were more emojis like this. So later you can adjust your emotional state when sending messages with the available emojis, guys. Unfortunately, this emoji will usually not be detected if the recipient uses the Original WhatsApp application.

So so that the recipient can know the meaning of the emoji you are using, try to use WhatsApp Mod, guys.

Hide Online

Although maybe not many people like this feature, it’s actually very helpful if you’re not in the mood to do anything. So you can hide WhatsApp online status without being caught at all, guys.

Other people are guaranteed to think that your WhatsApp account is off or inactive.

Sending Files Is More Relieved

Well, this is also a feature that is no less important and I really need it, actually. The feature is that you can send files so it’s more free and relieved. Because the maximum limit is bigger, guys. For sending files, the maximum limit can be up to 50MB.

Even if you send audio, it can reach 100MB. In addition, the limit on sending photos in one send is also far more guys than the original version. This is suitable for use if you like selfies but borrow a friend’s cellphone, wow.

Automatic Message Reply

For those of you who like to sell, I guess you really have to start trying the app WhatsApp Plus android okay. Yes, because there are features that will make it easier for you to run a business.

One of them is rich in being able to reply to messages automatically. So you don’t have to wait and hold on to your cellphone, just set it up and then consumers can immediately get a reply.

Long WA Story

Original WhatsApp has a limit when you type WA Story, which is about 139 characters and only 30 seconds in duration. It’s different if you use it WhatsApp Plus android wavesbecause the number of characters can be very long up to 250 characters and the maximum duration is up to 7 minutes.

It’s really long, it’s like a toll road. You can also make WA stories in the form of short films if you use WA Plus.

In addition to the features and advantages that I have described above, there are still a lot of other features, guys. Yes, I’m sorry, because I can’t explain everything, maybe my mouth is foaming too wkwkwk.

Differences WA Plus Mod Apk 8.90 and WA Original

WA Plus 8.90 Original WA
There are 700 themes that you can use for free. Can’t change the theme.
More and colorful emojis. Monotonous emoji as per Original WA system.
Can unmark online. Remove the online sign that is still not optimal
Send larger files. The limitation of sending files is quite small and inconvenient.
Can reply to chat automatically. There is no automatic chat reply feature
Status Story WA a maximum of 250 characters 7 minutes. Can only type 139 characters and the duration is 30 seconds.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk 8.90

For anyone who wants to download WA Plus 8.90 Apk this anti-ban modified version, you can go directly to the download link below

App Name WA MOD PLUS MOD 8.90
Size 51.05MB
Version V13
Price Free
Download HERE

How to Install WA Plus Mod Apk v8.90

How to Install WA Plus Mod Apk This latest v8.90 is actually as easy as installing regular Whatsapp, but there are slight differences in your Android settings.

Here are the installation steps Whatsapp Plus Mod Apk 8.90 :

  • The first step you can enter the menu called “Arrangement“yes guys.
  • Then you can go to the writing section “Privacy and Security“.
  • After that you have to look for the words “Unknown Source“. If it’s hard to use the search feature, it’s okay too.
  • If it’s done, just press the small button so it’s done On.
  • Next, you can download the WA Plus 8.90 APK file that I gave above and make sure it’s actually finished downloading.
  • Then you can directly tap the APK file and select “Install“Wait until it’s finished.
  • Finally, you just need to log in with your WA number and the Mod application is ready to use.

Even though it’s almost the same as other WhatsApp Mods, you will definitely find interesting and different things here WhatsApp Plus 8.90

That’s how Domainjava.com discusses the application WA Plus Mod Apk v8.90 which we can achieve. I hope this helps

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