White Hat IG Filter, Here’s The Effect Name And How To Use It

White Hat IG Filter

infoinsaja.com – On this occasion, just info will discuss white hat ig filter. Namely the effect that is viral on Instagram and is much sought after by netizens.

White hat filter is the newest effect created by instagram users. This effect currently has quite a lot of fans because it is considered cool and interesting.

By using this filter, you will have a cool and contemporary look. Even if it’s just a filter or effect, the result is very similar to the original hat.

How? Are you curious and interested in the Instagram white hat effect? If yes, then the admin will discuss further below.

Instagram White Hat Filter Name

The name of the white hat effect that is going viral on Instagram is Cool Cap. Until finally it was called a white hat filter because it used a white hat theme.

This filter was created by a celebrity with the account name @sherylmusa_. You can check their Instagram if you want to know more about instagram white hat filter.

White Hat IG Filter, Here’s The Effect Name And How To Use It

White Hat IG Filter

Well, after knowing instagram white hat filter name. So now the admin will discuss how to get and use the filter.

Actually, to use a white hat filter is not difficult. The process is the same as using filters in general.

That is, you have to enter the Instagram story menu. Then look for the name of the filter you want to use. But if you do not understand, please refer to the following tutorial.

How to Use the IG White Hat Filter

  1. First open instagram
  2. Then enter the IG story menu
  3. Then select the search effect menu and type “Cool Cap”
  4. If you have found it, please select it and try the filter

Well, that’s how to use the cool cap filter or the Instagram white hat effect. How? Easy isn’t it? You can also search for filters by visiting the filter maker’s Instagram account, namely @sherylmusa_.


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about white hat instagram filter. Hopefully this review can be useful and thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com.

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