Who is Fissilmi Hamida? Novel Profile & Link

fissilmi hamida viral — Do you know who is Fissilmi Hamida who is currently viral on Tiktok, check out the following!! The figure of Fissilmi Hamida has recently gone viral on several social media. Netizens who are still unfamiliar with this name are of course wondering who Fissilmi Hamida is.

Fissilmi Hamida’s keyword was viral on various social media, especially tiktok. Tiktok media often makes a lot of viral videos. Maybe you also use this one application, because almost all netizens use Tiktok.

For friends who want to find information related to this viral fissilmi hamida. Here the admin will discuss in detail for all of you.

And why did Fissilmi Hamida go viral? Fissilmi Hamida’s Viral, Here’s a Case Link to Why He’s Viral!

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Who is the Viral Fissilmi Hamida?

Lately, many netizens are talking about the viral keyword. A thing that is viral, of course, cannot be separated from the Tiktok social media application.

This application always shares the latest news every day. The thing that has been going viral lately started with a tiktok account that uploads video content.

The video shows a person who is a character from a novel. So who is in the video? Watch this article till the end so you know it.

The name Fissilmi is currently viral on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. For those of you who don’t know, Fissilmi Hamida is a writer.

He has even released several hit novels.

The novels that have been written by Fissilmi Hamida include Canting, Married Again, and Andalusia. Not only writing novels, apparently Fissilmi Hamida also often shares his opinions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why is Fissilmi Hamida Viral?

Fissilmi Hamida

This Fissilmi went viral because of a fan who posted a digital letter in the Can Write Community. Through the letter, a fan named Sarah Amelia condemned the arrogant figure of Fissilmi Hamida.

In the letter, Sarah explained the chronology of how the figure of Fissilmi Hamida contributed to her husband’s death. Sarah Amelia’s post in the Facebook Writing Community, of course, won the sympathy of many netizens.

Many people began to join in condemning Fissilmi Hamida’s actions which were deemed inappropriate. Due to the increasing number of cases, all of Fissilmi Hamida’s previously active accounts disappeared.

Profile of fissilmi hamida

At a glance, you can find the biodata and profile of fissilmi hamida on the internet, the author of Nover is a beautiful woman who is viral on tiktok and twitter. Sorry if the biography of the idol Fissilmi Hamida has not been included in this article.

The author of this viral novel is Fissilmi Hamida, with the book title Canting. At first, Canting was not a long story that could become a novel, but only a short story.

With an unusual romance genre story, many readers were interested and asked Fissilmi Hamida to write the short story.

Canting tells the story between Sekar and Hadi which is full of twists and turns.

Packed with standard poetic language that is very romantic, the readers feel as if they are involved in the love story of the two of them.

Novel Canting has been published by KMO Publishing and has become one of the best seller novels. In fact, the novel has been reprinted several times since its first release.

Quote in Fissilmi Hamida’s Canting Book

Fissilmi Hamida has succeeded in attaching several poems or quotes that may be in line with the readers’ way of life.

As a hint and encouragement to read Canting’s book, here are the two most popular quotes in Fissilmi Hamida’s Canting book:

  • Waiting for me to reciprocate your feelings is the same as waiting for mushrooms to grow in the dry season. It’s like sticking a mushroom thukule into a third prey. Vain.
  • Look at this beach. Beach and waves, they continue to unite. Although sometimes the waves wander, but he will continue to return to his arms. I want us to be like that. There is no beach without waves, there is no Hadi without Sekar.

That’s the information about Canting’s book and who Fissilmi Hamida is. Now you know who Fissilmi Hamida is and can immediately read his novels.

A character in the novel is Fissilmi Hamida. The novel was made from a true story, because it has many meanings of its own.

Well, for those of you who are also curious about the novel. Admin will help you to access it easily. Just below the link to read the novel.

Synopsis of Canting Novel by Fissilmi Hamida

You are certainly interested in the synopsis or summary of the story about the novel Canting by Fissilmi Hamida.

The story in the novel Canting begins with the story of two people named Sekar and Hadi. Their love story is hindered by the social status between the two.

Sekar is a servant or rewang who has worked for the Hadi family for a long time.

On the other hand, Hadi is a young man with a higher education who falls in love with a gentle girl from Java, Sekar.

Hadi has a fairly prominent family. He is the son of a former lurah and has a master’s or master’s degree.

With his family status, it was easy for Hadi to get any woman he wanted.

However, Hadi is actually attracted to Sekar, who is only a high school graduate and is 18 years old.

Sekar was finally forced to marry Hadi at the insistence of his parents. Although simple, Sekar is a girl with big thoughts and ideals.

How will Sekar and Hadi’s love story go next? Just read the novel Canting by Fissilmi Hamida.

Here’s Read Fissilmi Hamida’s Novel

For those of you who want to read fissilmi hamida’s novel, please click here. You can read it there or you can also download it.

The novel is quite interesting to read and has its own message impression. No wonder the character in the novel is viral, indeed the plot is also very good.

Here’s a link that you can visit regarding the viral Fissilmu Hamida:

After a digital letter appeared on the Komunitas Bisa Writing on Facebook for writer Fissilmi Hamida, many revealed the behavior of the woman from Yogyakarta. Not a few revealed that his account was blocked by the woman who is usually called Mimi because her comments did not support her post.

After the digital letter went viral, Fissilmi Hamida closed his social media accounts, both Facebook and Instagram.

Chronology of Fissilmi Hamida Viral

In the letter that was written, Sarah Amelia used to be a big fan of Fissilmi Hamida. He had copied Fissilmi Hamida’s writing on his personal Facebook wall, of course by adding a source.

Even though the source has been included, it seems that Sarah Amelia’s actions are still not true. Fissilmi Hamida who knew this immediately cursed and bullied Sarah Amelia. He accuses Sara of being a thief who stole his writing.

Sarah, who realized her mistake, apologized to Fissilmi and deleted Fissilmi’s writing which she posted on Facebook.

However, Fissilmi was reluctant to forgive, Fissilmi instead asked his fans to report Sarah’s Facebook account.

Sarah also lost her Facebook account, making her selling activities on her Facebook account completely dead. Because Sarah’s FB account was lost, consumers thought Sarah was cheating and asked for a refund.

Sarah was forced to return money from consumers. Even though at that time she was in need of money for the treatment of her husband who was sick because he fell while building a house. Because she had no money, Sarah could not pay for her husband’s treatment.

She couldn’t even take her husband who was vomiting blood to the hospital. Until finally the husband died. If Fissilmi didn’t report Sarah’s account, maybe she could still take her husband for treatment to the hospital.

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