Who is Tangmo Nida Viral, this is his full bio-profile

Tangmo Nida – Currently, many netizens are looking for Who is Tangmo Nida Viral on tiktok and twitter. This is his full biodata profile which might be the answer. Check out the full profile of Tangmo Nida, a Thai artist whose body has gone viral on social media. The complete chronology, career, and IG account of Tangmo Nida is here.

The following is the bio and profile of Tangmo Nida, a Thai artist who tragically drowned, chronology, career, and Instagram account.

Shocking sad news came from the Thai entertainment world. Senior artist Tangmo Nida was found drowned in the Chao Praya River after being reported missing on February 24, 2022.

Tangmo Nida’s body was found two days later on February 26, 2022, near the Pibulsongkram 1 pier.

About Tangmo Nida

You can find the biodata of Tangmo Nida of the Thai Artist who died in the Chao Praya River as well as his date of birth and Instagram account in this article.

Rumors circulated that the chronology of Tangmo Nida’s death was due to drowning after he boarded a speedboat with his friends. Shortly before sinking, Tangmo Nida is said to have been urinating in the back of the speedboat and then drowned.

Biography and Full Profile of Tangmo Nida, Viral Thai Artist. The death of Nida Patcharaveerapoong or Tangmo Nida caused a stir in the world.

Not only that, now the photo of Tangmo Nida’s body that was spread uncensored with a torn wound on the thigh has gone viral.

The reason is, Tangmo Nida was reported to have fallen from a boat on February 24, 2022 and disappeared in the Chao Praya river.

After two days of disappearance, now his body was found near the Pibulsongkram 1 pier.

However, Tangmo Nida’s death was considered quite odd and curious. Previously, let’s look at Tangmo Nida’s full profile.

Tangmo Nida is a famous Thai artist and his real name is Nida Patcharaveerapong. He was born in Bangkok on September 18, 1984.

Tangmo Nida’s early career in the Thai entertainment world began in 1998 by becoming a commercial star.

Two years later, Tangmo Nida’s name was increasingly recognized when she debuted as a singer in 2002.

Success in singing, Tangmo Nida began to spread his wings in the world of acting by starring in a film entitled Benja Keta Kwarm Ruk.

Until now, Tangmo Nida has been recorded as having starred in more than 30 drama titles and several feature films such as The Extra, Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew, Ghost of Mae Nak, to Pard 888.

Tangmo Nida Profile

Circulating on social media, photos of Tangmo Nida’s body are visible, which shows a wound in the thigh. Netizens and the mother of Tangmo Nida felt strange and assumed that the cause of death was due to murder.

Then, who exactly is Tangmo Nida? Check out the following Thai artist profiles and biographies in full.

The woman whose real name is Nida Patcharaveerapong is fondly called by the stage name Tangmo. He was born in Bangkok on September 18, 1984.

Tangmo graduated from the College of Social Innovation at Rangsit University.

Tangmo Nida’s career in the entertainment world began in the 1st grade of high school. At that time, he was offered a job by a talent scout while shopping at a department store. Offer accepted. Tangmo accepted the offer.

After undergoing a test to show off in front of the camera, he began to be an advertising model in 1998.

In 2022, Tangmo Nida ended his contract with Channel 7 after working together for 11 years. He then decided to become an independent artist.

Complete Biography of Thai Artist Tangmo Nida

His actions in the world of entertainment cannot be underestimated. 24 years of career, he has starred in approximately 38 Thai drama titles or lakorn.

  • Real Name: Nida Patcharaveerapong
  • Famous Name: Tangmo Nida
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Pretty face
  • Place, Date of Birth: Bangkok, 18 September 1984
  • Age: 37 Years
  • Instagram account: @melonp.official

Above is the Thai Artist’s Biography and Profile of Tangmo Nida, complete with name, date of birth and social media accounts which are now being targeted by netizens.

Source: Berindonews.com – Viral photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Telegram and Twitter

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