Why can’t Tiktok be opened? Here’s How To Overcome It

Why can’t Tiktok be opened? – This is an important problem for tiktok users when they first want to open the application, the error can’t even be used at all. Many netizens complained about this. For that, for those of you who happen to be visiting the Domainjava.com blog, we will discuss the reasons why Tiktok cannot be opened. Let’s see how in full below.

Do you like playing Tik Tok? if so, when you have a problem, tik tok can’t be opened. Sometimes it’s slow and there is also an error message, unfortunately the Tik Tok application can’t be opened and so on

The problem with the Tik Tok application cannot be opened and often this error can be caused by various common things. For you Android users, you can do repairs easily

The TikTok application cannot be opened, this can happen at any time, considering that the application displays many unique creation videos and of course the video size is quite large.

So that it makes your cellphone work more extra, especially in the storage section. Well in this article I will discuss how to solve the Tik Tok application that cannot be opened either because of a corrupted application error or other problems

Tiktok at a glance

Tiktok is one application that is quite popular and loved by many people. Tiktok can be entertainment to relieve boredom as well as a medium for you to express yourself. But have you ever had problems with the Tiktok application being unable to open? If so, do you know how to fix it?

You need to know that there are many factors that can cause the Tiktok application to become an error or cannot be opened. We will review it in detail here for you to understand how to solve it easily. Don’t worry because every time there is a problem there must be a solution too. You need to pay close attention to this so that in the future you can overcome Tiktok errors.

Actually to overcome it yourself is not so complicated and tends to be easy to do. But still, most of you who are still laymen must feel confused and have trouble when facing the Tiktok application error and cause it to be unable to be opened. Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the full review below!

The Cause of the TikTok Application Often Errors and Can’t Be Opened

Why TikTok Can't Open
Why TikTok Can’t Open

Maybe some of you are asking the last question why is Tiktok slow and really slow when opening? to know the arguments and triggers and how to handle them.

The Tiktok app fever is on the rise in recent times. More and more users are finally actively using Tiktok. This is because Tiktok provides interesting features and is really entertaining for the users.

Who doesn’t understand Tiktok? Tiktok is a popular short video app. Even Tiktok’s own content penetrates other social media applications. You may be one of them.

Tiktok itself provides many features such as videos, filters, interesting effects and there are many returns. What’s more, the Joget Joget content, which is the pioneer of this application, makes anyone willing to play Tiktok for a long time.

But lately some people are asking why Tiktok is slow. Then what is the trigger? Here are the arguments or triggers why Tiktok is slow in full.

The Reasons Why TikTok Can’t Be Opened

To deal with this slow problem, we should first know what the trigger is.

Well, there are several opportunities that can make the application slow. Starting from network problems to problems on the cellphone. Therefore, here are a number of triggers that might make your Tiktok application slow.

Poor Internet Network

Yup, the requirements to be able to use this application of course must be connected to the internet. If the application is experiencing slow problems, you can check the quality of your internet connection.

If the network you are using has a bad signal, it will really have an effect on the running of the application. What’s more, Tiktok does provide video content that can be viewed streaming.

Memory Full Storage

Except for bad network, this problem can also be caused by full memory. Generally, this storage will have an influence on the performance of the cellphone and will affect the performance of the applications used. Make sure the storage is in good condition and check the availability of RAM on your cellphone.

Not Up-to-date Application

App developers often make improvements to Tiktok. Always make sure to update the Tiktok application on your cellphone. Because the update is generally intended to make the application more constant and sophisticated.

Many Applications Open Coincidentally

Another trigger is the problem of multitasking on your cellphone. Often the cellphone is used to open several applications directly or is running in the background.

So here’s what can make the application slow. Because the cellphone is not able to run all applications at the same time. Make sure to close other applications when not in use.

Those are the possibilities that can cause your Tiktok to be slow. After knowing the trigger, surely the question now is how to deal with it? After knowing what the causes are, let’s discuss how to solve the Tiktok application Error that can’t be opened. Relax, the method itself is quite easy to do even for those of you who are still quite layman. Intrigued by what are the effective ways to overcome it? Check out the full review below!

How to solve tik tok can’t be opened

The first step to repair you must check the problem model first. If the problem is as below. Later you choose which one suits you, because different cases have different ways of fixing it

The first way to fix the tik tok application can’t be opened
What I mean here, the application can actually still be opened but feels slow and can’t load the latest videos. So it’s like the app crashes

And the second problem is that it can’t be opened, error messages come out and so on or even if it’s opened there is no response at all

In repairing the Tik Tok application, you can’t open it, you can use it for all types of cellphones. Whether it’s Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and other cellphones

Check Internet connection

A weak data signal or Wi-Fi can also impact your experience on TikTok. Try switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data to troubleshoot to determine if the issue is connectivity related or not.

For the first problem, the application can still be opened but cannot display the latest videos.

Your homepage has not changed, and failed to load the latest video. How to fix the internet connection first. This problem usually often occurs because your internet connection is problematic

Turn off the internet data, and then restart the cellphone and please try again to open the Tik Tok application if you can load the latest video

And make sure, you still have a lot of data packages, not specific application-specific data packages hehe

If the above method still fails with a record that the internet connection is still good. Can be used for other applications. You can continue to the event below

At this next stage, fixing the Tik Tok application cannot be opened in the applications section

For the first step, you can clear data or clear cache in the Tik Tok application. And make sure you still memorize the account to login

This is to avoid being unable to log in due to an incorrect username and password. If you have memorized it or there are no problems when logging in, here’s how to clear cache and data on the Tik Tok Application

Go to settings >> then please enter the Management Application >> in the management application look for the Tik Tok application

Open it and swipe down select clear cache and data

That way later the Tik Tok application will return to the initial settings as when it was first installed

Please login with your account and whether the problem of not being able to open Tik Tok has been successful. However, if you still fail, you can proceed to the next stage

Update Tiktok App to Latest Version

The outdated version of the Tiktok application allows many errors to occur when used. Or it can’t even be opened at all, so to overcome something like this the best step is that you have to update the Tiktok application to the most updated version. This way, no more errors will occur.

Clear Storage Data

You can clean data that is not used or is no longer important to increase your internal memory storage space. Or if you think deleting is too detrimental, you can move the data to other storage media such as Memory Card, Flashdisk, or Hard Drive.

The way after that releases your cellphone memory. As mentioned earlier, this full memory can have an impact on performance. Delete some unused files on your cellphone. Besides that, delete unused applications because it will fill RAM.

Reinstall the Tiktok App

Reinstalling is also an alternative step or way to solve the problem that Tiktok cannot be opened. Reinstalling can repair all data that is damaged or crashes and makes it whole again during the reinstallation process. That way the problems you face will be resolved quickly and easily.

In addition to fixing if an error or error occurs in the Tik Tok application, updating to the latest version will also make the latest features available
Check the Play Store and update if an update is available. Or you can delete the application and then reinstall the application by downloading it from the Play Store

Data saver

On Android phones there is a data saver feature or cellular data usage management. This feature can be used to limit certain applications so they don’t use too many data packages

Well, because Tik Tok is an application that wastes mobile data. Make sure it’s not within the limit. To check it, you can enter the settings as follows:

Please enter the settings then enter the data usage section. Look for the Tik Tok application and make sure it is not limited or restricted

Make sure your account is not blocked, because there is a separate policy from Tik Tok. Your account may be blocked if it violates the rules. To find out, try logging in with another account, if it’s smooth, your account might be blocked

Clear App Cache

Cache that accumulates can be the cause of the problem if left unchecked. Besides being able to hamper the performance of applications that are running, cache will also interfere with the overall process of your cellphone. Be slow and no longer maximize the performance of your HP. Therefore, make it a habit to always clean the cache that has accumulated, huh!

This cache is a junk file that is in the app storage. You can clear this cache to maximize the application again. If you need to be more efficient, you can also delete the Tiktok application storage at the same time, then log in again.

If internet connectivity is not the problem, try clearing your app cache.

To clear your cache:

1. Tap Profile on the bottom right.
2. Tap 3-line icon on the top right.
3. Tap Clear cache.

Update Your Mobile Security

Viruses are one of the causes of danger that can damage applications or your cellphone. Therefore, the role of the official Security application from your cellphone brand must be updated so that it can detect any problems that occur and can prevent viruses from attacking your cellphone.

Do the above, if you are still having problems you can’t open the TikTok application. Please try to restart the HP. Turn off and turn on your HP again

That’s how to solve the Tik Tok application that can’t be opened, that’s the discussion about Why TikTok can’t be opened that the admin can convey, hopefully it helps

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