Why Star Rating (Rich Snippet) Doesn’t Appear in Google Search

Why Star Ratings (Rich Snippet) – Google’s star rating seems to be quite a lot of use, but not a few have installed rich snippets but don’t appear on google. the question is how how to display star rating in google search results? There are several plugins that you can use to create star ratings, but these plugins make your wordpress blog look messy, and can’t be instant in the process of displaying it.

Have you seen the star rating that appears in the Google search engine ..? I’m sure 97% of you must have seen or often seen star ratings that appear in Google search results. By creating and displaying star ratings in Google search results, chances are that your blog or website will be 75% clicked by someone compared to blogs that don’t have a star rating. People think your blog has a lot of visitors because there is a star rating and your blog will look professional.

How to Install a Star Rating Score Review Blog Posts

Like I said above, there are several ways to put a star rating on a blog and several plugins that can be used, one of which is multi rating.

Using the Multi-Rating Plugin

How to create a star rating using this plugin?

  • Sign In to WordPress Dashboard You
  • Install Multi Rating Plugins
  • When done, look for the menu Multi Rating in WordPress Dashboard
  • select Multiple Ratings.

After that, you just need to do some settings or settings to use this plugin. What should you set after installing a star rating on the blog?

  1. Post Types. Please adjust it, how do you want the star rating to be installed. Is it just an article? Pages only? Or do you want to install both? Please check the posts and pages section.
  2. Duplicate Check Method. Please select an IP Address to prevent 1 IP from rating many times. In the Hours box, friends, fill in 24.
  3. Hide Rating Form Submit. Select the check box in the Check this box if you want to hide the rating form on submit.
  4. Strip Newslines Templates? Select the check box in the Some plugins convert newlines to HTML paragraph similar to wpautop box.

After that, please save the settings above so that the plugin runs perfectly according to your settings or settings earlier.

Without Using Any Plugins

For those of you who don’t want to bother and want to quickly install a star rating on your blog and display a star rating for your articles, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the appearance section, then select the themes editor.
  • Select the single.php file to insert the script displaying the star rating.
  • Copy the script below:

  • Paste in the single.php after the script get_header(); contained in the file.
  • Save the file and clear your wordpress blog cache.

Up here, it’s finished to make a star rating in google search results. There are several drawbacks when using the script above, namely the rating on all our articles automatically gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, and also the number of votes has been automatically recorded as many as 234 people. Please enter according to your wishes. How is the result of star rating in google search?

How to Show Blogspot “Star Rating” in Google Search Results || Rich Snippets

Then how to Display “Star Rating” in Google Search Results || Rich SnippetHere’s how to do it
1. Login to blogger account

2. Click Template –> Edit Html

3. Then check the “Expand Widget Templates”

4. Then look for the following code:

5. Press CTRL + F key for easy search.
6. Then put the following code under the code

src=’Enter Your Image Url’


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