Wrapped My Audio Spotify, Here’s How To Make It

Wrapped My Audio Spotify – Along with the development of social media, many new trends have emerged lately, such as sharing memories that we experience, one of which is this Wrapped My audio spotify.

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For those of you who always exist on social media, of course, you are no stranger to new trends like this, especially for those of you who use Spotify, surely many friends or artists that you follow on social media do this trend.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to follow this trend, here I will discuss how to make it easily just for you, so keep on following the article that I made this time, guys..

What is Wrapped My Audio Spotify?

Is a trend that is present among social media users, where you share the history of songs or albums that you have played on the Spotify application, even songs or artists that you often play.

Wrapped My Audio Spotify
Wrapped My Audio Spotify

It’s like sharing a collection of compilations you’ve heard on spotify to show your followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter about your habit of listening to any song.

Usually what is shared is last year’s history or if it’s 2022 then you will share the history in 2022, or also what you heard during the month before, that’s what the trend means this time.

How to Make Wrapped My Audio Spotify?

This trend can not only be done by premium users but free users can also do it so you don’t have to worry, just follow the steps you have to do below:

  • First, enter your Spotify application, if you haven’t installed it, you can download it on the AppStore
  • After entering the homepage, you can select Spotify Wrapped 2022
  • Or you can write Wrapped in the search bar
  • if you have entered, you will be shown stories wrapped which contain the history of your songs for 2022
  • After that you can click share and choose which social media you will share it with.
  • Finished.

How easy is it to follow the trend, with this you have succeeded in following the trend.

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That’s the tutorial that I can share for you, hopefully it’s useful, and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible, so that it is also useful for your friends. That’s all from me, if there are errors in writing or etiquette in language, I apologize, thank you..

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