Write Example Sentences of Facts and Opinions that are Easy to Understand

Write examples of sentences of facts and opinions that are easy to understand

infoinsaja.com – Write Example Sentences of Facts and Opinions that are Easy to Understand for learning Indonesian. Fact sentences are sentences that state facts or real and opinion sentences are sentences that express opinions or opinions. What is a fact and what is opinion?

Write Example Sentences of Facts and Opinions that are Easy to Understand

  1. FACT

Facts are things or events that actually happened. In other words, the facts can be proven.

Fact features

The truth is objective, that is, the truth is impartial.

– Refers to a specific person, thing, amount, event, or time.

– Answers to the questions what, who, how much, where, and when.

Example Sentences of Facts

  1. Rome is the capital of Italy.
  2. Tigers are meat-eating animals.
  3. May 2 is celebrated as National Education Day.
  4. In 2004 Aceh was hit by a tsunami.
  5. Joko Widodo is the seventh president of Indonesia.
  6. Indonesia is an archipelagic country.
  7. The bird of paradise is one of the rare protected animals.
  8. The sun is the center of the solar system.
  9. Semarang is the capital of Central Java.
  10. Mount Fuji is in Japan.
  11. BPUPKI was dissolved by Japan on August 7, 1945.
  12. The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  13. Raden Adjeng Kartini was born in Jepara.
  14. Mount Merapi is a volcano.
  15. Typhoid is caused by bacteria.
  16. Eid al-Fitr is a big day of Islam

Write Example Sentences of Facts and Opinions that are Easy to Understand


Opinion is the result of thoughts, assumptions, estimates from either a person or a group. Opinions are influenced by personal elements, so they are subjective. An opinion is considered true for one person, but not necessarily true for another. For example, IDR 10,000 may be considered a small amount for the rich, but not a small amount for the poor. In the following, I will explain the characteristics of Opinion that you can understand easily.

Opinion Features

– The truth is uncertain, indicated by the use of words such as maybe, perhaps, could be, and so on.

– State a cause-and-effect relationship.

– Contains personal subjectivity, characterized by the use of the words want, want, can, or feel.

– Statements in the form of suggestions, suggestions, or advice.

– Statements are presuppositions.

Write Example Sentences of Facts and Opinions that are Easy to Understand

Example Sentences of Opinion

  1. Living in the mountains is so much fun.
  2. Being rich is not easy.
  3. This room is too cramped.
  4. The government should be more firm in punishing corruptors.
  5. Mama’s chicken soup tasted really good.
  6. This trip was very tiring.
  7. My mother is a strong woman.
  8. Working as a computer repairman is not easy.
  9. Jakarta feels very hot during the day.
  10. The unemployment rate in Indonesia is increasing.
  11. If we want to be successful, we have to work hard.
  12. Corruption practices may occur due to lack of strict law enforcement.
  13. You should not watch television during study hours so that you can concentrate more on studying.
  14. Students must study hard in order to pass the national exam.
  15. If Vera hadn’t lied to Siti, maybe Siti wouldn’t be angry.
  16. If Sari didn’t wake up late, maybe she wouldn’t be late for school.
  17. The existence of changes in the curriculum is very influential on the progress of Indonesian education.
  18. Indonesia is actually a rich country.
  19. The number of poor people in Indonesia is increasing.
  20. The case of malnutrition in Indonesia is already at an alarming stage.

That’s the explanation example sentences facts and opinions. Hopefully it can help you learn about writing easy-to-understand examples of facts and opinion sentences. especially students who are still in school. That’s a review about the meaning of facts and opinions along with examples of sentences. Thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com, see you in the next article.

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