Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk Download YOWA Mod latest version 2022

Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk – there are many WA MODs that have been released to the public at this time, so it is possible that everyone has a favorite wa mod that is used because it suits their needs.

Likewise with yo WhatsApp 9.11 who participated in enlivening the WhatsApp mod market. Although at first this WA mod was classified as underrated, but now it has been loved by many people.

Get to know Yo WhatsApp Apk 9.11

Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk
Image by domainjava.com Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk

Day by day, the level of popularity of this WA mod is increasing. Not because of anything, the application developed by Fouad Mods has embedded various features that are no less interesting than the original version.

In terms of design, it looks clean, light and user friendly. It will continue to update features and fix those that are not in accordance with user feedback.

YoWhatsApp Mod Apk v9.11 Features

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1. Additional Emojis from Facebook and iMessenger

Over time, people will certainly get tired of the default emoji that are rarely updated and lack variety.

In its latest version, Yo WA v9.11 has added new emojis taken from Facebook and iMessenger.

2. Custom Theme

Generally users can only change the wallpaper in chat, but on Yo WA 9.11 Mod Apk this is different. You can change the theme as you wish because the developer has provided it for free.

One of the featured themes offered is the Doraemon theme. There are also other themes that are simple, cool or funny.

3. Update Delivery Video Status

Sending status in the form of videos in the original version only supports a few seconds. This deficiency has now been fixed by the developer Yo WhatsApp mod version 9.11 and allows it to send video statuses of up to 5 minutes.

With this long duration, it certainly benefits many parties, especially those who want to promote something through video.

4. Update File Sharing Features

Sending files on the original WA is indeed limited to general files such as documents, photos, videos, sounds and so on.

However, by using the latest Yo WA, users can send Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk of various types of files. Even the size of the file sent has also been updated to 700MB in one send.

5. Security & Privacy

In terms of security, the Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk developer has added application-specific locking without the addition of other applications.

Users can create app locks from PIN, pattern or fingerprint. This feature is very important so that people do not carelessly access your WA.

The privacy sector itself has been improved for the better and provides convenience. Users can hide online status, last seen, typing and so on. Even the double tick or blue tick settings can be modified.

Advantages of Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk

Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk

There are several reasons why this WA mod is then favored by many users. This reason arises not only because of the features it offers, because it turns out that Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk Yo WA has advantages that its competitors do not have. Here are some of them:

  • Double WA – Here users can choose to add another number to Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk WA Mod without downloading the original application. You can also use the original WA and yo WA v9.11 with different numbers in 1 cell phone without having to delete one of them.
  • Group Mods – Groups on WA generally look monotonous, here the user can modify the group. There is already a theme to change its appearance and users can add more members.
  • Chat Window Settings – Allows users to set the chat window size to be larger or smaller as desired, this includes font settings and so on.
Name Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk
Version 2022
Size 52 MB
Download Here

From what was initially rarely recognized, now Yo WhatsApp 9.11 Apk is becoming popular among WhatsApp mod users.

Various features have been added, especially with the advantages it has making it more popular. The developer itself will continue to update according to user feedback.

How to Install Yo WhatsApp Version 2022

  • Download the Yo WhatsApp application here.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.
  • Then open “settings/settings” on the phone.
  • Click the “Additional Settings” menu, then click the “Privacy” menu again, and click or enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • When it is active, click “File Manager” and click the “Download/Download” menu then select “yoWhatsApp application.”
  • A new display will appear automatically.
  • Click “Install” in the lower right corner.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.

Yo WhatsApp [email protected] Apk is a wa mod application, please Download Yo WA Latest Version 2022 and use this WA mod application. The WhatsApp application is currently the most widely used messaging and telephone application by smartphone users.

The simple appearance and complete messaging features are certainly the choice of many people to use it, whether it’s to communicate or also send files, but only small files can be sent via this application.

Security Risks Using the GB WhatsApp Application

At the beginning of its appearance, this application still has a poor security system that poses a lot of risks to users. But now, the security system has been updated so that the security of users of the yo WhatsApp application is more guaranteed.

The following are some security risks that may occur by some users when using the yoWhatsApp mod application

The WhatsApp Yowa Mod 9.11 application is not an official application so you cannot download it through the Google Play Store or App Store. This causes the application to be vulnerable to malware or viruses.

On the official WhatsApp there is an end-to-end feature where every conversation will be protected. But not with WhatsApp mod version yowa 9.12 where the security of the conversation is not guaranteed so that the contents of the conversation can be tapped or spread by irresponsible people.

Although the developer has given a statement that the WhatsApp Yo wa application is anti-banned, it does not rule out the possibility that user accounts can be banned. The risk of an account getting banned can occur if you rarely update or update the application.

That’s the discussion about yoWhatsApp apk 9.11 and the download link. Hope it’s useful.

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