You Are Not Eligible to Sign Up For Zoom at This Time, Here’s the Solution

You are not eligible to sign up for zoom at this time what this means is that you are not eligible to register for Zoom at this time. It’s the error message during the recent Zoom listing which is quite annoying. So, even during the corona pandemic Zoom its use is increasing to help the online learning process. However, when I wanted to register for Zoom, the error appeared which resulted in many students and teachers having problems using the Zoom application. Finally, many are thinking about using Zoom.

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Therefore, in our post this time, the Trick Area will discuss in more detail how to overcome you are not eligible to sign in to Zoom at this time. Hopefully what we will discuss today you can use as a reference in overcoming the Zoom problem.

Given the importance of this, we highly recommend to all of you who are experiencing this problem to read more details in our guide below. Don’t let after coming here you don’t get the right solution regarding the common problems that often occur on Zoom.

How to Overcome You Are Not Eligible to Sign Up For Zoom at This Time

Basically there are tons of tutorials on YouTube there that already give you how to solve this problem. It’s just that not all the guidance they provide can be done directly. This is because according to our own experience, you still can’t sign up for Zoom even though it’s the first time you’ve installed Zoom on your phone.

You Are Not Eligible to Sign Up For Zoom at This Time
You Are Not Eligible to Sign Up For Zoom at This Time

It’s not because of anything, even though I just installed and just registered for Zoom, the problem with the zoom list failing marked by the message above continues to appear. We’ve experimented with directly lowering the year of birth to 17 years prior to this year as the listing time. But also failed.

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Finally, we tinkered with and found the right way to solve this problem. You can check it below. Hopefully what we share can be useful for all of you as users of the Zoom application either on your cellphone or on a laptop.

Steps to Overcome This?

For detailed steps that you can follow to solve the problem you are not eligible to register for Zoom at this time are as follows.

  • After installation of Zoom from Play Store / App Store is complete.
  • Just go to your cellphone settings.
  • Search for apps > then look for the Zoom app.
  • Tap Storage > Clear Cache and Data.
  • Now exit settings and reopen your Zoom.
  • Try signing up for Zoom one more time.
  • Then you fill in your date of birth at least 17 years before the year you signed up for Zoom.
  • Surely you succeeded and please fill in your email, first and last name for the Zoom list.
  • You will get a verification email. Please verify to completion.
  • You enter the password and confirm the password. Continue and you will get your Zoom account afterwards.

We think you will be able to register for Zoom afterwards. So make sure you delete the data immediately after the Zoom application is installed. It is possible that when you open Zoom and the list fails, the data in the Zoom application itself also increases.

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So first what we can discuss about common problems that occur during the process of registering a Zoom account. Hopefully this can be a guide for all of you to be able to use zoom once again.

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